Thundersoft SoM for smart cameras, based on the Snapdragon™ processor, provides 4K/360° panorama functionality for photo/video capture, open operating system and powerful CPU/GPU for video algorithms. The SoM provides an integrated solution for customers, effectively reducing the development costs and shortening the development time. It has broad application prospects for various smart camera products.
Super Performanced Core Board
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 650/625 processors
    Dual Cortex A72 1.8GHz, 1MB L2 + Quad Cortex A53
  • Adreno 510, 550MHz OpenGL ES 3.1+AEP, OpenCL 2.0
  • Qualcomm® Hexagon™ DSP
  • On board LPDDR3 ram and eMMC
  • Deeply customized Android/Linux OS
  • Full camera functions (EIS, multi-streaming, UVC, RTSP/RTMP)
High-Quality Image and Ultra HD Video
  • Ultra HD 4K video (3840 * 2160 @30fps)
  • Advanced 2 x image sensor processor(ISP)
  • HW camera post processor
  • Sophisticated camera image tuning
  • Outstanding video quality with wide range of bitrates for Ultra-HD application (2Mbps ~ 100Mbps)
  • High frame rate encoding – 1080p@120fps / 720p@240@fps
  • Highly efficient H.265 encoder supports up to twice the compression ratio of H.264 solution
Artificial Intelligence Framework
  • Intelligent video analytics
    。Face detection and recognition
    。Motion tracking
    。Object classification
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR)
  • Audio recognition / voice control
On-device 4K Video Stitching
  • On-device video stitching algorithms to support real-time preview
  • Hardware-sync-signal for accurate frame-sync
  • Image quality equalization and fine tuning for dual Sensors
Easy to Access and Share
  • Android/iOS applications
  • Real-time preview
  • Record, snapshot seetings
  • Post-editing and sharing to social media
  • Direct VR live show from camera to cloud
  • IOT_IPC_BK_T5_6