ThunderSoft provides the overall intelligent cockpit software solution and service for automobiles from operating system development, core technology authorization to application customization, including the infotainment system, intelligent dashboard, integrated cockpit, ADAS and audio products, and provides the abundant and advanced intelligent driving experience for drivers and passengers based on several years of operating system optimization technology, excellent 3D engine, machine vision, voice and audio technology since 2013. At present, more than 100 companies adopt the ThunderSoft’s intelligent cockpit products and solutions.

ThunderSoft closely cooperates with the world leading upstream suppliers of automotive electronics, such as Qualcomm, Renasas, Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, ST, QNX, Intel, Baidu and Sony, to provide the complete solutions, tools and services for automobile manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, and accelerate and improve the quality and user experience of intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICV), while reducing the time to market of products.

With the development of society, the automotive solutions tend to be centralized. In order to enhance the technical reserves of intelligent automobiles in all levels, ThunderSoft acquired an independent design company Appsys, which focuses on the R&D of automotive infotainment system, an automotive user interface software technology and service provider Rightware in 2016. Among them, Rightware's Kanzi engine has brought the excellent user experience for the intelligent LCD meters and infotainment system of tens of millions of automobiles. ThunderSoft and Rightware integrates the advantages of operating system and user interface, and launch an integrated intelligent cockpit solution based on Kanzi and Kanzi Connect, to create an integrated, rich and personalized intelligent driving experience for users.

In the future, ThunderSoft will continue to consolidate its own technical strength, cooperate with more ecological partners and serve its customers.


Intelligent Connected E-Cockpit 4.0

  • Multiple mainstream chip platforms supported
  • QNX Hypervisor 2.1 hardware virtualization technology
  • Instrument operating system QNX 7.0
  • Android P of central control screen and co-driver screen
  • High hardware integration, and effective reduction of the total cost
  • A beautiful and stylish interface created with Kanzi HMI development tool
  • Perfect integration through Kanzi for Android solution
  • Integration with Kanzi Map 3D, and dual instance navigation of instrument and central control screen
  • Middleware connected by Kanzi for easy cross-system data communication
  • Dual-channel sound source enabled, and independent sound source output of central control main screen and co-driver screen
  • Video entertainment upgrade and audio and video resources sharing between two screens
  • Dual third-party applications supported, independent use allowed multiple users
  • Real-time synchronization of instrument, central control screen, and navigation music information
  • Integration with MMS 360° surround view, and restoration of the surrounding environment with high performance and high quality
  • Integration with DMS driver status monitoring, and demonstration of data-driven algorithm
  • Users can define their vehicle settings individually by Face ID
  • Function of vehicle dash camera implemented and pay attention to driving safety focused

KANZI®—HMI Professional Design Tool of Intelligent Connected Vehicles

Kanzi is an efficient and flexible UI design tool, which provides a one-stop solution for the UI design of vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, and design studio. Kanzi can be used to quickly design and develop user interfaces to meet the needs of the automotive industry and other embedded applications. The Kanzi UI design software provides a visual tool for designers to create a high-fidelity brand UI. With the flexible workflow and modular architecture, Kanzi enables designers and engineers to work in parallel independently, which eliminates mutual interference, thus improving the efficiency of UI design.

  • Shorten the time to market and promote innovation.
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Scalable and easy to integrate.
  • Enhance the strength of major automobile brands.

KANZI® Hybrid Platform

  • KANZI® inside, stylish 2D/2.5D advanced graphics animation
  • Uniform set of UI materials and simultaneous calibration of full LCD instrument board + hybrid instrument board
  • Abundant and extensible standardized interfaces
  • Quick and efficient implementation of product landing
  • Reduction of hardware costs through system debugging and optimization.

TSRunner Automatic Test Platform

TSRunner is an automatic tool applied for the test of an Android-based IVI system

  • Support Android 4.3 and above
  • Support script recording
  • Common operation for encapsulation is API, and support the custom encapsulation API
  • Support Text, image, voice and signal check mode
  • Automatically obtain the performance data (CPU, Memory, IO), and generate the performance curve.
  • Automatically generate the test report.

Add the test coverage types, and improve the test efficiency, which is specially reflected as follows:

  • Simulate users for operation under the high stress for a long term
  • Release the test engineers from the simple test job and focus on the user scenario testing.
  • Improve data consistency.
  • Platform-based mass production products improve test efficiency and save costs.


Function Description

  • Fatigue driving alarm
  • Visual alarm
  • Calling, smoking and drinking alarm
  • Driver not in driving position alarm
  • Equipment blocking alarm
  • High recognition accuracy
  • Massive data support
  • Fast response
  • Adaption to complex driving environment

Onboard Surround View

Product Features

  • Minimize ghosting for splicing images
  • Minimize blind spot for splicing images
  • Ground flatness estimation and automatic splicing adjustment
  • 360° surround view (touch screen)
  • 2D/3D visual effect (KANZI)

Technical Advantages

  • Ground flatness estimation
  • Adaptive splicing
  • Image mapping correction
  • Brightness and color balance
  • Algorithm adaptive chip computing power
  • Low CPU/GPU power consumption

MRVS Electronic Rearview Mirror

ThunderSoft electronic rearview mirror image processing solution provides the real time processing solution of high definition, high frame rate, wide dynamic range and all-weather camera image for the onboard electronic rearview mirror. It can provide the turn-key solution of camera model recommendation, chip model recommendation, image algorithm and image processing, which can be also customized flexibly according to the actual needs of customers. The solution has already been implemented.

In-Vehicle Infotainment Platform

Android IVI Platform

  • Support Qualcomm® SA8155, S820A, TI Jacinto6, and Renesas R-Car second-generation platform
  • Support Android O and P
  • The system is optimized for quick start within 8-10s and fast backup camera within 2s.
  • Customize the application scenario of vehicles (blue-tooth, sound, voice, multimedia, and vehicle signal interface)
  • Support the split-screen and floating screen in multi-window applications, support 2-4 parallel applications according to chip performance and the needs of application.
  • Support the dual-screen output, and dual screens can carry out the interactive operation, such as copy, clone, and drag and drop.
  • The Launcher developed for the onboard application integrates with the onboard function deeply.
  • Supports wireless system upgrading of FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air).

Linux IVI Platform

  • SoC + MCU single-chip of Linux platform provides low-cost solution based on ST Accordo5 platform
  • Built-in security engine and system security startup supported
  • Built-in audio DSP and dual-mic smartphone supported
  • Perfect Audio channel design
  • Certified CarPlay/CarLife solution, and scalable support Android Auto
  • Support QML language design UI

Automotive Development Platform

Thundercomm ADP Cool

  • SOM save main board space, cost and integration risk
  • 1 DIN design for in-vehicle evaluation
  • Airflow and EMC treatment
  • Automotive grade components
  • MP quality reference design
    • Customers without hardware development experience
    • Client project has very tight schedule

Qualcomm® ADP Air

  • Designed, developed and certificated by Qualcomm
  • Optimized power management
  • PCIe and Daughter card interfaces
    • SoC card
    • Wi-Fi & BT card
    • Video in&out
    • PCIe interfaces


Onboard Electronic Customer Support Solution

The onboard electronic customer support solution aims to solve the problems encountered in the software and hardware development projects of Qualcomm® onboard chip platform, provide customers with professional and efficient technical support services with high quality, improve project efficiency and reduce the cost for customers. The onboard electronic customer support solution provides for customers are consistent with the Qualcomm official support standards and scopes, and the support scopes for the Qualcomm® platform include the requirements review, technical discussion, training, software framework review, circuit design review, software development technical support, hardware lighting technical support and certification technical support.

Canstack Solution

  • The CAN bus stack with the AUTOSAR architecture is based on the high-speed driver of FIFO buffer, which can meet the application requirements of high-speed transceiver (the driver can be customized according to the customer platform)
  • It includes the standard components to quickly carry out the custom development according to customer needs (COM/TP/IL/UDS/Diagnostic/NM)
  • It conforms to the international specification, such as ISO11898/ISO14229, and quickly adapt to various performance parameters customized by customers
  • The standard and easy-to-use API interface makes application integration faster and more efficient
  • The efficient configuration tools enable the DBC files to be deployed quickly, which can easily cope with the frequent changes of network signal definitions in the early stage of product development
  • The mainstream development tools in the industry are adopted, and test verification is more efficient and reliable

IVI Security Solution

Data Security

  • Important data integrity protection
  • Sensitive data encryption protection
  • Log blacklist to prevent sensitive data from leaking

Upgrading Security

  • Upgrade package signature and signature verification
  • Upgrade package encryption and decryption

Trust Zone

  • Support QSEE 4.0

Intellectual Property Protection

  • License authorization

FOTA Solution of Intelligent Connected Vehicles

  • Support the vehicle and various intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) terminals
  • Support the phone, tablet and intelligent networking device with multiple architectures


  • Pass the OMA-DM standard certification, support the differential algorithm, and make the upgrade more efficient and reliable
  • Support the multi-partition, and carry out a large number of reliable upgrading certifications on the physical vehicle MCU and ECU modules


  • Efficient development cooperation mode to reduce the development cycle
  • Rich experience in platform deployment project, and perfect access to the IT system of vehicle manufacturers with a complete procedure


  • Comprehensive upgrade of security protection mechanism, specification-based certification, authentication and encryption, hardware security encryption supported, and security guard OTA upgrade supported.