The emerging of AI turns a regular camera to a smart camera,and turns traditional computer vision to intelligent vision.However,huge challenges faced on building a solid vision system requires camera full stack capabilities.

ThunderSoft offers one-stop vision solution on camera,image processing, computer vision and AI technologies.

■ Camera Technologies

  • We offer a turn-key camera solution for Automotive ADAS chipset,including ISP firmware,key imaging algorithms and ISP tuning tools.
  • For mobile and IoT SoC and devices, we offer key imaging algorithms(3A, HDR, Noise reduction,etc.), camera full stack software engineering and Image Quality tuning service.

■ Camera Lab Services

ThunderSoft has 8 professional camera labs globally, which provide turn-key camera servic­es - camera modules certification, camera driver development, camera system and framework development,camera applications development and image quality fine tuning.

Camera Tuning

  • 8 Camera Labs for SoC vendors
  • 300+ Camera Modules
  • 80+ Camera Sensors
  • 200+ Tuning Projects
  • ~100 Image Quality Engineers worldwide
  • Complete Tuning Tools & Standards
  • Tier-1 OEMs/ODMs & SoC vendors

Camera Development

  • 22500+ camera issues resolved
  • ~80 camera driver & framework engineers
  • Camera stack development / customization
  • ISP enabling & pipeline customization
  • Multiple cameras (Sync and Stitching)
  • 3A Algorithm enabling
  • Camera Application

Camera Optimization

  • Power Optimization
  • Thermal Control
  • System Profiling & Optimization
  • Algorithm Profiling & Optimization
  • Memory Reduction
  • Fast Boot
  • Deep Learning Acceleration
  • HVX enabling

Camera Algorithms

  • 3rd Party Algorithm Enabling
  • Algorithm Optimization
  • Algorithm Evaluation
  • In-house Algorithms
    • Enhanced Face Detection
    • Object Detection / Tracking
    • Food Recognition
    • 3A for Mobile SoC / OEM
    • 2A+WDR for Automotive
    • Stitching (360°)

■ Intelligent Vision Solution

Automotive Vision

ThunderSoft's AutoCDK provides automotive grade imaging software which helps ADAS chipsets to provide outstanding image quality.

  • Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance
  • 120dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • LFM (LED Flicker Mitigation)
  • 4 Camera Harmonization (for Surround View)
  • ISP firmware & tuning tools

Face ID

ThunderSoft FaceID solution (Face Detection/Recognition, Age Recognition, Gender Recognition, Emotion Recognition, Anti­spoofing detection) is widely accepted by customers in automo­tive, surveillance, industry and etc. it can work in different compli­cated environments and scenarios with high accuracy.

Visual Inspection Solution

Deep Learning-based Intelligent Vision Inspection Solution for Industrial Image Analysis (defect recognition/segmentation, etc.)

  • Higher Inspection Accuracy&Speed
  • Shorter Dev Period & Lower Cost
  • Self-learning& Flexible/Generic System
  • Quick Implementation & Deployment
  • End-to-End Solution

AI Camera Development Kit - AI Kit

AI Kit is a deep learning powered, embedded, extensible, develop­ment kit for students, IoT developers and others who are interest­ed in embedded AI technologies. With AI kit, it will be more simple and efficient to develop prototype algorithms,verify AI on-device inference performance or even develop IoT products.

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 SoC embedded
  • Popular AI algorithms embedded
  • Support mainstream AI frameworks
  • AI studio software for easy starting on AI