Images and pictures are very popular and common in our daily life. People depend more and more on convenient and high quality image processing technology. Every major player is involved, from camera sensors producer, semiconductor producer for SoC related solution and software developers for final applications. Thundersoft delivers top level image processing and algorithm technology, enhancing the user experience. Thundersofts high quality technical services are based on deep research and study in the area. Thundersoft camera turnkey solution includes driver, framework, algorithms, image processing optimization and application development. Thundersoft works closely with multiple top level mobile device and semiconductor producers.
Rich image processing & algorithms
Thundersoft develops many algorithms for camera optimization and image/video processing, these improve image quality during capturing or post processing. The algorithms, including dual camera stitching, 3A (Auto-focus/AWB/AE ) algorithms, panorama, face/motion recognition, real-time beautification, real-time filter, background removal and text enhancement, provide ultimate experience for your products.
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gender/age recognition

smart beautification

Dual-camera technology

night vision optimization/noise reduction

video anti-shaking

slow/fast motion


real-time filter

high-speed panorama

Camera Application
By developing and operating on UCam serial products, Thundersoft accumulates a rich experience on related technologies and develops diverse camera applications for various customers.
Thus, Thundersoft has strong capability to deliver full functional, outstanding user experienced camera application to make products ever better.
Thundersoft has multiple critical cooperators in camera area, which includes semiconductor producers, OS providers, hardware module makers and algorithm creators. With integrating related industry, Thundersoft provides total camera solution from bottom to top for our final customers.