Thundersoft sees technology as the core competitiveness. From the beginning, excellent resource has been being invested for OS technology research in areas of System Optimization, UE Enhancement, Security, etc., most of which have been conclude into IP owned by Thundersoft. Those technologies are relevant to Mobile/Automotive/HW and can bring high performance, rich experience and differentiation for customers.

System Optimization
Fast Boot

System boot speed is a critical indicator for devices used in Automotive, Smart HW and so on. With Thundersoft Fast Boot Solution, system boot can be speedup 2 ~2.5 times. Our solution has been verified and accepted on mainstream chipset platform including Qualcomm, Intel, Spreadtrum, HiSilicon, Freescale, Renesas and so on. The solution is compatible for Linux/Android OS, and easy to integrate without performance impact for target system.

• Drone, Qualcomm Snapdragon/Linux OS: ~ 3s

• Automotive, Freescale i.MX6 Solo/Linux OS: ~ 4.5s

• Automotive, Renesas R-Car E2/Linux OS: ~ 4.0s

• Mobile/Tablet/VR/Automotive, Qualcomm Snapdragon/Android: ~ 10s

• Automotive, TI J6/Android: ~ 8s

Power Saving

All smart devices are facing the challenge of high power consumption and ling standby time. Thundersoft’s Power Saving Solution can intelligently select energy strategies according to user scenario, not only changing screen brightness or reducing background processes. It’s easily migrated to customer’s system without App modification.
For smartphone, this solution can save 10% or more power without impact on user experience. Our power saving technology also can be used for VR, Drone and other mobile devices.

Small RAM

Smart watch, drone, IP camera, these devices’ RAM are limited, and run Android OS with a memory of less than 512MB. Thundersoft can provide technology to optimize process scheduling and exchange algorithm to meet such special requirement for small RAM size. No performance impact, less power consumption and also no APP modification are significant advantage for users. This solution was also successfully integrated and validated on major chipset platforms.

System Tailoring

For the limited runtime environment devices, likes smart watch, drone, IP camera, etc., OS need to be tailored and customized. Thundersoft solution optimizes Android/Linux/Firefox OS to meet such requirement, by tailoring unnecessary system function without performance impact, less power consumption and small RAM runtime environment.

Carrier Certification

Thundersoft’s carrier certification solution covers major carrier requirement of customization and the certification service. Carrier Certification Package is a part of our solution, which can satisfy Japan/America/Europe/Korean carriers’ requirement of function/interface/connectivity/security/pre-installation package etc., Thundersoft Carrier Certification can also help our customers to shorten the cycle and save efforts for certification process.

User Experience Enhancement

Thundersoft Multi-Windows Technology can bring desktop-like experience to Android users. This technology has been widely used on devices such as smartphone, tablet, TV and IVI system and also has been successfully accepted by customers. Our solution support windows modes of cascade, screen split, docking, etc.

Multi window split screen display

Multi window cascading display

Camera Tuning

Thundersoft owns leading-edge Camera Labs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and also has an excellent in-house camera team. With several years’ practical experience, Thundersoft accumulated rich experience on Camera module verification, driver development, 3A algorithm and image optimization technology. We can provide our high-quality camera tuning service to chipset makers, OEMs, camera module vendors. We can also set up a close cooperation with global leading camera module makers, to ensure Thundersoft owns cutting-edge camera competence and image processing technology.

Image Processing Algorithm

Total algorithm solutions for image/video process can significantly improve image effect. Preprocessing algorithms (image composition, 3A, panorama, facial recognition, motion recognition, etc.), real-time processing algorithms (beautification, filters, etc.), and post processing algorithms (text enhancement, background changing, etc.) will bring ultimate experience for camera users. These algorithms have already been adopted by Samsung, Lenovo, TCL, Spreadtrum and other global leading customers.

Screen Mirroring

Interconnectivity between smart devices and automotive is becoming more and more important. Thundersoft collaborated with partners, developed a total IVI & Smartphone interconnection solution which can be widely used for mainstream IVI system, and also can provide customization service for customer’s requirement,
• CarLife
• CarPlay
• Miracast (UIBC & HDCP)
• HDMI + BT feedback control

Low latency for virtual reality Devices

Virtual reality (VR ) devices place extreme requirements on software and hardware, especially for low-latency response which is critical to prevent cyber-sickness. Thundersoft deep studies & researched the low latency technology based on its rich experience on software & hardware.
For VR devices, Thundersoft owns ATW/FBR solutions and core technology for adjusting frame rate / sample rate of sensors. In addition, we realized FBR in BufferQueue and extent EGL for directly rendering. All of the core technologies successfully reduce display latency under 19ms.

Mobile Security and Management
Security Enhancement

ThunderSEC is a smart terminal security solution for security protection and functional enhancement of the Android operating system. Based on security hardware protection, the program adopts advanced OS protection technology and provides safe protection measures from hardware, OS and application layers to ensure terminal security. It provides security isolation and protection of enterprise applications and data on terminals, and creatively uses safe domain isolation technology to provide security protection capabilities for enterprise applications and data.

Mobile Management

ThunderEMM supports control of large batches of Android and iOS mobile devices. It realizes device life-cycle management via six core functions – client APP, device registration, user management, policy management, statistical analysis and compliance management.

FOTA Solution

ThunderFOTA is an E2E OTA solution which can support various mobile device, like mobile, tablet, TV, STB, automotive, IPC, drone, and also other IoE products with global distributed service network. ThunderFOTA also passed OMA-DM certification, can provide reliable, flexible solution for enterprise customers.

Software Engineering Technology
Automatic Testing

System stability is critical. To enhance system stability, a large work effort must be invested on manual testing. To find potential system stability risk, reproduce the occasional issues with less work effort, Thundersoft developed an Automatic Testing Solution with several own IPs which can be implemented on Android and Linux platform. With this solution, Engineering teams can significantly improve work efficiency as well as product quality.