BYOD is becoming a popular working mode, making significant inroads in the business world. ThunderEMM achieves full life cycle management of various mobile devices, secure access of applications, documents and networks. ThunderEMM provides enterprises with convenient, traceable, complete and user-friendly device management and information security platform, improves the business efficiency, reduces the risk of IT. In addition, an enhanced Secure SDK enables seamless connection with Intranet.
Mobile Device Management
ThunderMDM supports control of large batches of Android and iOS mobile devices. It realizes device life-cycle management via six core functions – client APP, device registration, user management, policy management, statistical analysis and compliance management.

Client APP

• Support iOS and Android
• Support mobiles and tablets
• Support self-service sign-up

Device registration

• Single device manual registration
• Multi-device bulk registration
• Multiple channels (administrator registration and user self-registration)

Statistical analysis

Integrate strong device and application statistical analysis to provide support for enterprises’ security and business decision.
• Comprehensive statistics: user, device, system, log
• Multi-dimension analysis: time, geographic location and frequency
• Multi-form display: list, line chart, histogram, pie chart

Policy management

Allocate default or custom security policy to users. If no custom security policy is allocated, the default security policy will be implemented.
• Network security
• App security
• Device capabilities security
• Geo-fence security

Compliance management

Customize violations of device use, and allocate violation handling measures to guarantee enterprises’ device and information safety.
• Custom violations
• Custom violation handling
• Violation handling effective immediately

Equipment access management

• Identity check
• Authorization check
• Particle permission grading control

User management

Allocate different roles to users according to organization structure and set security policy to realize rights management in groups and roles.
• Multi-user bulk import
• LDAP/AD seamless integration
• User basic information management
• User group rights management
Mobile App Management
ThunderMDM provides mobile app management module, including security app store, app security control and app wrapping, to ensure enterprise apps are correctly used in a safe and controllable range.

App security control

• Black list and white list
• WIFI control
• Geo-fence security
• VPN configuration
• App compulsory installation

App Wrapping

• Network communication encryption
• Local file encryption
• App remote control

Enterprise App Store

• Security app store
• Mobile app distribution
• Statistical analysis
• Version management
Safe container
The safe container program can realize hardware-level isolation of enterprise data and personal data. Network, USB, microphone, positioning, camera, print screen, copy and paste, etc can be forcibly disabled to shut down leaks and ensure safety of information.

Hardware-level safe container

• Dual domain OS
• Hardware level data isolation
• Fuse protection
• Hardware based encryption protection (based on the TF Card)

App-level safe container

• Enterprise mobile portal
• Data encryption
• Data erasure

Samsung Knox supported

• Samsung Knox device original function control
• Samsung Knox container function support
Mobile Content Management
ThunderEMM content management provide employees the latest corporate content on their mobile devices with security storage.

Content Management

• On-line preview
• Rich Text
• Distribute by Group
• Remote Wipe
• Analysis

Content Security

• Identity Authorization
• Security storage
• Reading Restriction
• Distribution Restriction
• Download Restriction

In-house Email Client

• Unified configuration
    • Unified Email Configuration
• In-house Email Client
    • Forward Restriction
    • Print Screen Restriction
    • Download Restriction