Thundersoft closely tracks Smart Terminal industry trends and focuses on mobile technology improvements. With a rich experience in the mobile industry, Thundersoft Smart Terminal Business Group owns world-leading Smart Terminal solutions, delivers professional technical consultancy and services. Quick response and high quality is our tenet.

Thundersoft Smart Terminal solution is a true turn-key solution that seamlessly integrates hardware platforms and software OS, covers smart mobile phone, tablet, wearable devices (smart watch, wearable projector, etc.). The mobile solution supports all popular mobile OS, such as Android, Windows, Tizen; Supported hardware platforms include all major semiconductor companies, e.g. Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, Samsung. Thundersoft mobile software capability covers whole domains, including driver development & integration, framework optimization, carrier certification, security enhancement, rich UI design and application customization; Thundersoft customers across all major mobile marketing, from Asia, North America to Europe.
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