From it's beginning Thundersoft worked closely with Qualcomm. The two companies co-founded QRD (Qualcomm Reference Design), establishing a joint laboratory to verify hardware modules and co-support of Chinese ODM/OEM in the mobile industry.

This partnership has expanded to the IoE industry to build outstanding core processing platforms based on leading SoC technology and professional OS capability. This level of cooperation assures customers of continued value.
Joint Lab
In 2010, Thundersoft & Qualcomm established a joint laboratory to support Chinese ODM/OEM, verify and certify independent hardware modules. With approximately 200 full-time CE engineers delivering technical support and solving various problems for Qualcomm based mobile devices. Joint laboratory closes thousands of cases each year with more than 97% satisfaction. Mobile devices verification laboratories in Beijing, Shenzhen & Shanghai have verified / certified 1500 hardware modules for 130 producers.
Co-Development on QRD
Thundersoft involved into software development for the 1st generation QRD with professional capability on mobile OS. Thundersoft accumulates rich experience on Qualcomm platform, which directly promotes serials related projects on mobile devices and carrier certification. At the same time, QRD product adopts multiple advantage technologies, such as Camera optimization and algorithms, automatic customization tools. In addition, Thundersoft is global dealers for QRD products.

Promotion of Qualcomm Technology
Thundersoft involves several advanced differentiation technology promotions. With joint development on Audio+, Alljoyn, fast charging, MARE, TrustZone, AR (vofuria), Thundersoft accelerates their implementation and commercialization, introduces them to broad final users and enhance user experiences.
Expansion on IoE
Smart technology boosts IoE industry. Qualcomm and Thundersoft deeply cooperates on IoE industry to deliver totally new processing platform integrated hardware and software. The two companies release core processing modules which integrates SoC, Core Board and OS for IP Camera, Drone, Robot, VR and IVI system. The joint venture – Thundercomm, founded by Thundersoft and Qualcomm, is to provide competitive platform solution for IoE industry