Along with booming AI, the Robot industry shows a rapid growth trend over the past several years in personal assistant, child education, business service areas. Face with diversified Robot products, Thundersoft introduces SoM Core Processing Module, which has high speed computation capability, high reliability, and low-power characteristic. Robot SoM module is easy integrate, based on this, OEM can quickly launch their products to market.

SoM Core Board Specification
To meet Robot OEM’s demands of sensors integration, processing capability, HMI and application, Thundersoft developed and introduced Thundersoft Robot SoM solution, which targets to middle and low-end markets and includes core and IO boards, based on Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, with diverse extensible interface and control unit. A stable, built-in Android OS, that is optimized for robot products, can help Robot OEM quickly launch their products for markets in education, entertainment, plaything, smart home, and so on.

Robot OS
From the point of view of HW configuration, use scenario, and performance the robot OS is totally different from mobile OS. Based on Android and ROS system, Thundersoft developed and introduced dedicated Robot OS which optimized BSP/kernel and framework layers and integrated robot SW package, algorithm, sensor engine, and interface for developers. To enhance user experience, the Robot OS also integrated Thundersoft's core technologies, such as fast boot, power consumption optimization, face recognition, scenario recognition and object tracking algorithm. Seamless integration of Robot OS and SoM provides total SW+HW solution for robot OEMs.