Fast Boot-up

Reaches to ultimate speed of system booting up with comprehensive system optimization:

  • Linux OS based on Freescale i.MX6 Solo: ~ 4.5s
  • Linux OS based on Renesas R-Car E2:~ 4.0s
  • Android OS based on Qualcomm S602A/S820A: ~ 10s
  • Android OS based on TI J6: ~ 8s

Automation Test

Stability of IVI system is extreme critical with diverse test scenarios. In order to identify potential stabilization issues, reduce test efforts on mechanical repetition and reproduce hidden bugs, Thundersoft creates a serials of automation test tools, which are compatible with Android OS & Linux OS, to remarkably improve test efficiency and system stability.

Multiple Windows Technology

Thundersoft develops multi-windows technology on Android OS, which simulates multiple windows functionality on Windows OS to display multiple windows in one screen. The multiple windows technology includes following modes:

Splitting Screen

Cascading windows

Smartphone connection technologies:

For IVI system, it is a critical topic and important trend to utilize rich ecosystem of mobile devices. Combining with independent researching and supporting from cooperators, Thundersoft owns major mobile device connectivity solutions. The solutions include:

  • CarLife
  • CarPlay
  • Miracast with UIBC & HDCP
  • Bluetooth control-back

System Optimization & Stabilization on Operation System

  • Adopted into more than 10 million vehicles
  • Strong development capability on Operation System and driver with closely cooperating with Qualcomm, TI, Freescale, Renesas, etc.; Flexible customization capability
  • Deliver stable and high performance OS with elaborately optimization & stabilization on Android/Linux BSP, kernel & framework layers
  • Provide the best UI experience with optimization on HMI framework & display algorithms
  • Strong development team on radio and audio post processing areas to provide optimal audio experience

CAN protocol & application

hundersoft has rich experience on CAN related development. Our capability covers integration & customization on matured CAN protocol stack and independently develop CAN protocol stacks

  • Physical layer: LS-CAN or Comfort-CAN
  • Communication layer
  • Network management
  • Interaction layer
  • Application layer (DDP, BAP)
  • Transport protocol (TP)
  • Diagnostic protocol: UDS over TP