In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems are becoming smart, connected and convergent with ADAS information, meter clusters and other systems. To allow running open and on-line applications on IVI while maintaining safety and security is a major challenge. Currently, high performance SoC and rich OS-es such as Linux and Android are mature enough to be adopted into IVI technical platform. Thundersoft provides hardware design, OS development and customization for IVI solution, accelerating new generations of IVI terminals.

Infotainment system solution based on Android OS

  • Support different hardware platform, including Freescale i.MX6,TI Jacinto 6,Renesas R-Car E2, etc.
  • Support Android KK,L and M releases
  • Support system booting up within 8~10 seconds and rear camera launching within 2 seconds
  • Totally customization for vehicle manufactory (Bluetooth,audio,voice recognition,multimedia,vehicle internal signals, etc.)
  • Support multi-windows / floating windows, 2-4 applications concurrency based on SoC capability & detailed requirements
  • Specific launcher integrated with specific IVI requirements
  • Support display output to two screens with complicated interacting operations, such as clone, application drag/draw, etc.
  • Support system update with FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air)

IVI system based on Linux OS

  • Support Freescale i.MX6 solo, TI Jacinto6,Renesas R-CarE2X
  • Thundersoft developed Linux based IVI system, fast boot within 4.5 seconds and rear camera launching within 2 seconds
  • Optimized QT based HMI with low touch latency under 0.1 second, double clicking, multi-touch and swipping.
  • Multiple connectivity protocols, Miracast with UIBC and HDCP), Carplay, CarLife(Android and iPhone), MirrorLink, etc.
  • Multiple multimedia resources(AM/FM/USB/SD/Bluetooth/HDMI/AUX)and audio、video、images
  • Optimized interfaces with MCU system, support CAN protocol & applications for multiple manufactories
  • Support Bluetooth HFP, music, contact, etc.
  • Support optimized radio and music playback
  • Support iPod (compatible with iAP1 & iAP2)

Radio & Multimedia Solution based on RTOS

  • Based on Renesas SH726A/726B/7269
  • Thundersoft developed RTOS based framework
  • Support audio system in vehicle, TFT display and GUI, SH7268/7269 solution with T-CON supporting
  • CD/USB/SD audio playback
  • MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/FLAC software codec
  • Optimized radio and audio playback, support AKamys
  • Support iPod playback ( compatible with iAP1 & iAP2 )
  • Low cost Bluetooth solution
  • SH7268/7269 solution to support CVBS based rear camera, integrated with fish-eye correction
  • Support upgrade from USB or SD