IHV laboratory is to pre-verify, pre-integrate and pre-optimize hardware modules for suppliers on target hardware platforms. The scope includes sensors, touch panels, screens, cameras, etc. As the result, recommended hardware modules list keeps growing, which means the modules are certified on QRD and can be adopted by final mobile devices without additional verification and certification. IHV reduces development cycle for ODM/OEM and save cost on laboratory equipment for hardware modules suppliers.

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Thundersoft and Nvidia started work together since 2021. After a year of accumulation, Thundersoft currently has a dedicated NVIDIA laboratory, as well as a professional driver, image quality tuning, and IQ test team based on the two platforms of DRIVE and Jetson, and has accumulated experience in the automotive and IoT fields, and gain rich success stories.

Thundersoft has the ability to provide objective tuning and subjective tuning of the base standard definition. We can also assist Nvidia's customers in sloving various problems during product development, and provide algorithms such as surround view based on NVIDIA platforms to meet end-consumer requirements for a better picture quality and vision enviroment.

  • Objective image calibration for both NVIDIA Jetson, Drive platforms (AWB, Noise, Color, Lens shading, Brightness, etc.)
  • standard device,graphics cards
  • Calibration using the official NVIDIA IQ tuning tool to meet the needs of different products and application scenarios.

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